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Terrible nVidia performance (FX5900u) under Kalway, and sound issues


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Hi there,


I just got into the world of the Hackintosh, and installed the Kalway Leopard 10.5.2 version. I also have a legitimate Black MacBook Core Duo, 2.0ghz and a Leopard Family pack too.


My Hackintosh has an Asus K8V MOBO, 1 GB RAM, AMD 3400+ CPU (2.2ghz, 1MB Cache) and a nVidia FX5900U.


I got most things working, but the sound is very poor quality (sounds like it's outputting at 8-bit resolution). I am using the onboard sound.


However the biggest issue is the 3D performance. I know the FX series was never that great, but the 5900 Ultra was the best of that range, and should be more than adequate at playing games like Civ IV and Quake 4. It plays both games just fine under windows, so I am guessing it's a driver issue. I've also noticed slow scrolling in Safari and poor Exposé performance compared to my MacBook. Bear in mind the FX5900u has 256MB of RAM. I have seen better peforming G4's with older cards on YouTube.


I have tried the NV installer posted here http://scottdangel.com/blog/?p=23 and also the NVinject files posted at NVInject.fr


I am not clear on whether this has actually enabled OGL or QE, as my system information merely says Core Image is hardware accelerated and QE is 'supported'. Note that this is the same as it says on my MacBook which has a GMA 950.


Any tips on how to improve this 3D performance? I'd really like to play Civ IV on this Mac, but currently it's worse than on my MacBook, and that's saying something.

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