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POWER OFF during Install progress

Domonkos Zsolt

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So, people


Have the bad thinks, on OSX86 installation....


I use Iatkos 10.5.4 v4 INTEL.


the interesting think was, One install is successed,but the leopard is sarting, and I use 2min and hopp POWER OFF.

I try it start LEO once-once-once, always make it.


I try the new install.....but laways make:


I boot from DVD, and the instalation is starting, here is everything OK.

Make a partition, and erase....the dik util and is it OK.


I go next step...customziaton, select the 3rd part device, only the vga adapter, GMAx3100



The installatin is staring, the progress bar is coming and hopp.....the machine is POWER OFF.



Anybody, can HELP ME?






ACER Aspire 5715Z

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