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iatkos install problem - cannot validate - disk not faulty


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I've tried to install 3 different versions of OSX Leopard:


I tried Kalyway 9a527 - which install fine but doesnt boot.


I then tried iatkos v2.0i - I get to the installation screen, select my drive and packages, and click install. After verifying the disk successfully, it begins to install - only to stop a few minutes later with a message saying that the contents of package 10.5.2 could not be validated. It then insists on a restart. I tried starting with different options - nforce_core -v; toh -maxmem=2046 -v; etc. I try installing with various packages selected and with no extra packages selected, no change. I tried redownloading the iso, reburning at 2x, no change.


There was one occasion where the install completed, though I damned if I know what happened to allow it to do so because I tried again with the same settings and the message popped up again, halting the install (I attempted to reinstall because the previous installlation would crash on boot).


At that point I put it aside until another time. Recently I download iAtkos v4.0i and tried again. Exactly the same problem as before with v2.0i. Tried all the same things again. Changed my DVD drive this time too, no difference.


Does anyone have any ideas? What could be causing validation to fail on both iatkos v2.0i and v4.0i? I find it very odd because the kalyway 9a527 version has no installation problems at all, installs just fine most times, just doesnt boot - restarts as soon as the apple loading logo comes up. Should I abandon iatkos and focus on the kalyway?


Here is my hardware (I am trying to install to a 30gb partition on the IDE Hard drive.)


XFX 780i Motherboard

Intel Q6600 Cpu

Nvidia 8800GTX 768mb

OCZ GameXStream Power Supply - 700w

OCZ System Elite Edition Memory - DDR2-800MHz - 4GB


Western Digital IDE HDD - 160gb

Seagate Barracuda Sata HDD - 250GB x2 Raid0

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