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A little help please


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I can't see my mouse (I think its a Driver problem, but am not sure).

Also I can't use my keyboard (I think this has something to do with the PS2 kexts, but am also not sure).


When I try to use VMWare, and the 10.4.6 Iso to go into terminal and do a command. It simply says that the path /Extensions doesnt exist. But I can get into /System/Library. Thats very strange.


Else its:

If I type in: sudo chown -R root:wheel Natit.kext; sudo chmod -R 755 Natit.kext

It says "sudo command not found".

if I type in: chown -R root:wheel Natit.kext; chmod -R 755 Natit.kext

It says: Chown command not found.


Can anyone suggest something please?

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