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Vaio Internal Display


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hey there,


the only reason why i have to keep my windows partition is the fact, that i can use the internal display, as soon as a graphics-driver is installed.

i'm really sad about it :P



is there really NO f****** way???



is there at least at way to get the vesa-mode running in a higher res. then 1024x768???



any advice is more then welcome.

thanks for help.






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Hi Could you let me know how you have done this. I tried quite a few times about a year ago on Vaio but had no joy so gave up and have just been trying to find solutions for getting the internal display working with the nvinject drivers. I only gave up because i couldnt stand looking at the screen at the wrong res.




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it is not working with any driver.


well, it is working but only with an external display.

im still running in vesa, but i changed the resolution in com.apple.Boot.plist


just add:

<key>Graphics Mode</key>



reboot, enjoy your resolution.

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but it worked very well for me....i edited noting else than the com.apple.Boot.plist

everything is clear and sharp.


dont know what could be the issue in your system. im pretty new in this whole osx86-thing




btw: i wrote this entry directly under the timeout-entry, so it is on last position.

maybe you check this! i dont know if the position of the entry even matters.....but it could matter.

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