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JAS 10.5.4 Fully Working but i Need some tweak helps


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Hi Guys,


Since i'm sick at home, and nothing to do ... i decide to give a new chance to my Hackintosh.

Downloaded JaS 10.5.4 from "Demo(you know the rest)Noid".

Got a Seagate 80GB SATA 1 that was used in Ubuntu sometimes ago ... and let's play


My Config is:


Mobo: GigaByte GA-P35-DS3 Rev 2.0 ( ICH9 + Jmicron (GigaByte) RAID Controller )

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6700 @ 3.36 GHz Air Cooled 336x10

Memo: 2x2GB DDR2 800 5-5-5-18 ADATA @ 816 MHz

GPU: eVGA 8800 GT 512 (G92) PCIe 2

Display: KDS K-24MDWB Black 24" 1920x1200 (DVI)


HD: Seagate SATA 1 80GB ( Used with Ubuntu now for Hackintosh)

2x250 GB SATA 2 16MB cache in RAID 0 - Main use for Vista Ultimate x64 (disable to use with hackintosh)

500 GB SamSung SATA 2 16 MB Cache AHCI - Backup (disable to use with hackintosh)

ATX: Thermaltake 450W w/PFC

KeyBoard: Logitech G15 Gammer (old model)

Mouse: Logitech Mx518 Gammer 1800dpi

USB BlueTooth Dongle: Encore

Audigy 2 PCI Card -> Logitech X-540 5.1 Kit

Internal Audio HDA -> Zalman 5.1 Phone



Well, i already tryed many Leo distros but none of them worked so cool like JaS.


Just Changed the HarDisk compatible to IDE in Bios - since i got the Jmicron problem with the DVD ( Plan to upgrade to a SATA DVD soon )


Booted my JaS DVD and got no problem to setup - formated the HD into 1 partition with MBR schema and HFS+ Journaled


I customized the setup, i choose the 9.4.0 Kernel, Instaled the ICH Chipset Driver, NVKush for GPU, choose the Sound Card driver, and i remeber to have marked a realtek Lan Driver similar to the one Onboard. And X11 (dont known why).


Well, after some minutes ( Very Fast Setup i must say - much faster then Vista) I got everything working really well. Internet, sound ... WoW I Got my Leo Working :(


But after this i need some help to tweak my system in order to have maximum performance. And the Search didn't help too much on this.


Well, the system says i have a PCIe card of 256MB - and in fact my 8800GT is 512 ( how do i solve this ) ??

There are any drivers for my Logitech Devices ?? It recognizes i have a G15 Gamming - but LCD and GKeys don't work for now.


Well, i'm Brazilian - how do i enable the ascent or proper setup the keyboard and system to do it ? In Windows i Have under Language ( Portuguese Brazil -> Us International Keyboard ) didn't find a correspondent on Mac. ( I want to write with áçéíóúüãõ)

And Mouse ? A Gamming Mouse is faster then the way Mac shows it for me. But i really missed the lateral buttons to Back and Forward a page - how do i assigned theses functions?


And i remembert to see on other Distros something Called NTFS 3G or something like that, how to get it ? All the other HardDisk including my pendrives uses NTFS as filesytem so for now i can only mount then i see files, but can not write on these disk's.


Just one more thing, can someone give me a better MultiMedia player to play AVi (DivX files with subtitles, SRT, SSA and so on ?? ) and where i can grab codecs to videofiles, like xvid of ffddshow


Thanks a lot for your help guys ;) I think i will spend many time here from now :(

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hey there,


brazillian here. bad news for your keyboard - dont expect it to be perfect like on windows. get used to use some functions such as apple key+a = á.

...or browse around for a keyboard layout. i tried one some months ago but i really got used to the commands, so no worries for me.


as for the .avi videos, browser for VLC player. free, light and works perfect on all video formats, subtitles and etc.


as for the video card issue, i dont really know whats going on. i did a clean install without the nvkush, and after the install i used nvidia kexts and efi installer, all running great.


best luck!

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