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Can't Install Volume or Partition HDD


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Ok i have an intel pentium 4.


I burnt the disc with the image and got instuctions on how to install here (http://picasaweb.google.com/naughtibeatz/InstallMacOSX105OnAnIntelPentium4#)

I got up to step 12 then i had problems. where it says to name partition and select Mac OSX extended (Journaled) i can't do this because the options are all greyed out.


After this i skipped to step 26 and tried to install without doing the steps between. But once it started installing ic came up with this error "VOLUMES/hard drive 33.5gb" the last bit (hard drive 33.5gb) is the name of my HDD. so has anyone got any ideas on what to do?


P.S. i am using Kalyway

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