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Hello i would like to start a forum specially for ACER owners although everyone is encouraged to help!


First let's start with configurations and help needed I am not apro but i have made so many attempts that i might be able to help you with little things!



Acer Extensa 4420-5963

AMD ATHLON X2 1.9GHZ TK-57 (2 x 256KB L2 Cache)

160GB Hitachi IDE HDD

BROADCOM 802.11b/g Wireless

ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 HyperMemory (896MB Shared)

2GB DDR2 5300

Realtek HD Speakers (AUDIO)


Windows Vista Home Premium


I have an issue right now (all ISO's I've tried don't work :D ) :


ISO's attemted:

Kalaways 10.5.2 (Intel/AMD) Black Screen after sucessfull installation

LEO4ALLv3 "Still waiting for root device" error, needed an external DVD but after sucessfull installation booting stucks at "Still waiting for root device"

AMD.EFI.V8 (sucessfull installation doesn't boot at all)

JAS.AMD.INTEL.10.4.8 (no hard drive detected at installation???)

iATKOS AMD 4A (No hard drive shown at installation???)



Feel free to post errors, explanations, mistakes and anything mostly related to ACER's!

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Ahh, finally a thread for a computer i own.

I have a similar model acer -extensa 5420 with rs690 chipset and x1250 video. To install basically use leopard 10.5.1 amd.intel.

zephyroth has a sb600 pff patch for his iso's or you can find the kext files to patch. If that doesn't work use and external hard drive and install to the external, patch with appropriate kext files, there is some software that let's you make your own install iso by STLVNUB. It would be nice to have my own installation disks that i don't have to post patch all the time. No luck for quartz on our igp video card yet. If you have any info on the video card let me know patching calisto doesn't do much.


Feel free to PM me i've been working at getting leopard working on this computer good since January.

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