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Help with Dell D620


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Hello all!


First I would like to thank everyone on this forum and the creator(s) of the Kalyway DVD. I have successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Dell Latitude D620. I only have a few minor issues left.


1) Only single core available (Currently no available fix)

2) Sleep/Hibernate mode (If I use the screen saver and the laptop goes into sleep mode I can recover. If I select "sleep" from the apple menu, I need to hard reset to recover. BTW, I selected the powermanagement from the custom install menu on Kalyway.

3) No Quartz Express


Here are my specs:


Dell LatitudeD620

Intel Motherboard

Intel 950 integrated graphics card

2 GB Ram @ 667



Let me know if anything additional information is needed. Any help is much appreciated.

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