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Best settings with iatkos v4i (10.5.4)


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I have still yet to get a successful boot after installation of iatkos v4i. Ive tried multiple selections but none seam to work or maybe i am selecting the wrong things. Maybe one of you can help me out?


Here are my specs


Motherboard: PC chips p23g (v1.0)

CPU: Intel Pentium D 3.4ghz (sse3)

RAM: 2gb ddr

Hard Drive: 120gb IDE

Optical: Asus sata DVD rw

Video Card: Geforce NVIDIA 7600gs 512mb(shows up as 256mb) AGP


Now my problem is when i select the darwin bootloader my computer will boot up and just go into what seams to be a loopboot and wont load osx. If i deselect that and install ill just have a blinking "_" and nothing happens. Everything else im not sure what all i should select


Im thinking there is something to do with my agp video card. Im trying to avoid spending money on a new MOBO, video card, and ram and hopefully i can get this to work on my system.


Everything boots from the DVD without a hitch and installs fine. Its just when i boot my system back up is when it gets funky and im pretty sure it has to do with how im installing it but i just cant figure it out!!!!


Any advice? Let me know if you need more info


Id appretiate any help




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