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HP Pavilion dv2699 Special Edition


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Hi there!


I bought a HP dv2699 and i need to install OSX Leopard, hope you guys can give me some info about it.


this is the specs of the laptop:








I have been searching and there's the things i could find:


The cpu and ram will have no problems with OSX.

The gpu won't be an issue too, cause there are drivers, right?


The audio, seems that the speakers will work out the box but the mic in, and 2x audio out won't work(will get arround with an external soundcard).


Lan will work with some drivers but wi-fi isn't working at moment(plan to get arround with a usb wifi stick till the intel 3945 be able to work).


Am i right?


Any feedback about webcam?



Now, the doubts:


I have the iatkos v4.0 for intel here with me, is this the best way to install leopard in this system or will you recomend another releaser? And if someone can please tell me the best options to customize the installation for this laptop?



At now, i have the win vist installed(i want to keep it). I was 2 partitions, the c: with 226gb with windows vista and a d: partition with 6,81gb for the hp recovery.


What is the best way to dual boot vista and osx here?


the last thing, if i don't like the way osx will work here, can i unistall it? can someone explain me how will i recover the original win vista boot?


hope you can help me. regards! (sorry my bad english)

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in march i installed kalyway on my hp pavilion dv2699ef special edition.

not so easy but everything you said in your first post is right

- micro and wifi not working

- ethernet card working but w drivers

- nvidia card working but w drivers (Nvinject i think)


yesterday i wanted to upgrade my Leopard 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 and i failed.

now i need to restart again everything...

so i'll try a new releaser. (iAtkos maybe)


feel free to post your feedback about your install


PS : je sais pas pourquoi mais qqchose me dit que tu es français... :(

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yeah man you're going to have a hard enough time getting a working install on your HD ... let alone trying to install it with vista on there.


if you're going to have at it ... format the entire HD and just focus on installing osx ... once you get that working correctly ... (make sure you remember how the hell you did it), format the HD again and then work on getting a dual boot setup to work.


the process on getting these systems to work correctly is a pain in the ass. it takes time, patience and a lot of trial and error.


it's not for the everyday newb.

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