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Laptop Display - JUST WONT WORK !


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Hi Everyone -


I have been reading various postings on this forus for a while and took the plunge into installing OSX on my Toshiba Portege M400.


After much trial & error, resintalls, and other issues I finally have everything, ALMOST everything working. There are some minor issues that I will continue to work on but one issue that I consider to be rather significant has me stump for a while now and I just cant seem to have it resolved.


I am having the "Blue Screen at Bootup" issue with my laptop screen that I would love to have resolved. I have tried everything from installing various versions of Kexts floating around on the web, have also tried the 1 pin paperclip trick along with the 2 pin paper-clip tricks. All to no avail.


OS 10.5 boots perfectly every single time that I have the external monitor connected to the VGA port. I am using the Dell 2407 using 1920x1200 and able to use the external monitor just fine. I just cant for the life of my get the laptop LCD display to work.


One Interesting thing to note is that sometimes (very very very rarely), without doing anything different at all, all of a sudden, the laptop will boot and the laptop screen will work at its native resolution of 1400x1050... when it does its a thing of beauty.


I would absolutely love to have someone help me with this. The computer has the Intel GMA 950 graphics adapter.


Thanks in advance for any/all help you guys can provide.



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