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Can't seem to boot OSX from Vista boot loader

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Thank you all for your help and support. From various tutorials I've been trying to set up a tri-boot setup.

Beore OSX I had dual boot set up with Vista64 (drive C) and XP (drive E) using EasyBCD. These two were set up on two partitions on the same harddrive. I installed OSX on another harddrive but made two partitions so I could use one for storage (the storage drive is D). Following tutorials I reinstalled the vista bootloader with EasyBCD after the OSX install. Then I attempted to add the OSX to the vista bootloader with EasyBCD. I went to add/removie entries and clicked on the mac tab. Under type, I selected "Generic x86 PC" and then named it. When I boot now, the vista bootloader menu pops up and all three options are there (vista, xp and OSX). But when I select OSX, it says "Windwos failed to start.... blah blah blah... File: \NST\nst_mac.mbr ..... Status: 0xc000000f..... Info: This selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt"


I noticed that in EasyBCD change settings tab, under OSX it says drive D (which is my storage drive, not the OSX drive). I figure this could be the problem. So I thought, cool, I'll just change it to the correct drive. But the OSX drive isn't listed. In fact, the only place I can see it is in the Disk Management in vista but there is no drive letter assigned to it. So now I'm not really sure how to make it work. Sorry bout the noobness, but we all gotta start somewhere. Kinda been living in a windows world and I don't know too much about booting.


Please shed some kinda light and help me out. Its much appreciated.


btw, I can still boot OSX, but I have to do it by going to the Boot Menu in bios and selecting the harddrive its on.


Summery of my setup:

HDD 0: (Drive C on partition 1) / (Drive E on parition 2)

HDD 1: (OSX on partition 1) / (Drive D on partition 2)



Any advice on how to make it work? Thanks guys!

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