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noob here. just installed 10.5.2. having problems getting usb and ethernet working.


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Hey guys.

I'm blown always by all the help and size of this community. I'd heard about OSX86, but always figured it was too difficult. But yesterday, with the help of all the tutorials here, I installed Kalyway 10.5.2. Thanks for all your help. But I've run into some problems.


I've tried to do research on the matters but I know nothing of Mac OS, and somethings are difficult to understand. I've used Windows all my life.


I'm using a EVGA 780i mobo with a E6700. My graphics card is a Geforce 8800GTX.


I've successfully installed the OS I think. I'm using the sleep kernel. I'm not sure if there is a better one. I tried the kabyl kernel originally because it says it had 64bit support, but it wouldn't boot, so I switched to sleep kernel. Any suggestions on a better one?


Sound and graphics seem to work fine (running at 1900x1200 resolution). USB Keyboard and mouse seem to work. Webcam works in photobooth (but not in image capture or ichat), but the quality is poor ( Logitech quickcam ultra vision)


My two biggest concerns are that the Ethernet does not work and that I can’t seem to use USB flash or hard drives.


I have dual Ethernet ports on my mobo. They are NVIDIA nForce Networking controller.


I tried installing dethforce and tulip 1.2 as I heard some people were getting success with them but it didn’t work for me. I used a 3rd party program that came with Kalyway called Kext Helper b7 to install the kext files (I assume Kext files are drivers?) I am doing it right? When I go to network utility, I seem to have a mac address (so it seems like it kinda recognizes the hardware), but it says link status Inactive or that the cable unplugged.


As for the USB problem, the device shows up in the USB section of System Profiler, but I can’t access the drive from the desktop or in the Disk Utility (as in it doesn’t appear).


Any help on my problems, suggestions for my setup, or anything that would improve my system is greatly appreciated.


Btw, I have no idea how OSX manage drivers. So I don’t know what drivers are assigned to my hardware. Is there a way to check and change them? I know in windows I can just go to the device manager. I was just worried because perhaps the other drivers I installed for networking maybe causing a problem.


Thanks guys!

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