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very strange USB glitch i need help with...

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Hello all.. I have kalyway 10.5.2 and everything is working great, except for one strange usb issue ive been having..


If im actively at my pc, my usb works great and flawlessly, however, when im away for a bit weird glitches happen. my USB mouse (any mouse i try out use), the pointer will jump all the way around the screen, sometimes to the other screen (dual LCD panels). it becomes impossible to be able to target something to click on it. Also, i run a usb audio interface (griffin iMic external usb sound interface in/out) and it will play sound for a few seconds then cut out to static and freeze slightly, then play a couple of seconds, and repeat. ive honestly tried everything. unplugging and plugging the devices back in does nothing. the only way to solve the issue temporarily is to reboot. I have reinstalled several times, trying with and without the IOUSBFAMILYFIX. I always have screensaver, sleep, and hard disk spin down disabled as well. I DO have a soundblaster PCI 512 but i havent been able to find any kexts for it. i was wondering if anybody had any advice to help me out on my issue?


Thank you so much in advance.



kalyway 10.5.2

Modin Kernel

mobo: ecs ka3-mvp

AMD athlon x2 4200+

ATI Radeon x1900

Sata maxtor 500gb

IDE seagate 160gb

HP usb mouse

Apple usb slimline keyboard

Griffin iMic external interface

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