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[FS] Gateway G6-366C Desktop Pc

Kane Adams

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This is a Gateway G6-366 Desktop Pc. It is Used, Clean and like New. This unit ships with a 60 gig hard drive & windows ME operating system.


Windows ME



System Serial Number: 0012680538

Chassis Serial Number: 0012680538


Board: Intel Corporation OC440LX AA719638-105

Serial Number: IUOC90306694

Bus Clock: 66 megahertz

BIOS: Intel Corp. 4O4CL0X0.15A.0009.P05 10/28/98

Celeron 400("366")


seagate IDE hard disk drive (60.00 GB)


MAT{censored}A CD-ROM CR-589

Generic floppy disk drive (3.5")


64 Megabytes Installed Memory


Slot 'J6F1' has 32 MB

Slot 'J6F2' has 32 MB


ATI 3D Rage Pro (atir3) [Display adapter]


3Com EtherLink III ISA (3C509b-TPO

56k Modem

In real nice shape. small size and even runs damn small linux too.

$50.00 Plus Shipping.

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