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Hackintosh not 64bit? 6 gigs of ram not working


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Ok here is my problem. I recently upgraded to a core 2 quad 6600, and added 6 gigs of ddr2 800.


There is a setting in my bios were I can enable or disable 32 or 64 bit depending on my OS

32bit will only read under 4 gigs of ram. Although OSX will say I have 6 gigs of ram in the activity monitor, but it will only use 3.


Now I am told Leopard is a 64bit operating system and when I enable 64bit in my bios, Leopard boots up fine, but when I use more then 3 gigs of ram, like rending in After Effects, the computer crashes.


Anyone know what the deal is? After effects like to use at least 1gig per processor when rendering so I'd like to use my 6 gigs of ram.


And ya, I know AE can only use 3 gigs of ram but it will use the rest of the ram as a cache. And when you have FCP open with a 90 minute sequence and photoshop open on top of that. 3 gigs does not cut it.


My system is an Asus P5W DH Delux

Core 2 Quad 6600

6 gigs ram 800mhz

Geforce 8800GT


I also have a problem with the Geforce 8800GT while using magic bullet in After Effects but that's a whole new issue. I get like a weird page tearing where the bottom of the image appears at the top.


Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.

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Yeah. That's exactly what I do. Then right when the total ram usage hits 3 GB's it crashes. However if I have my bios set for 32 bit OS then it shows six gigs but Total ram being uses maxes out at 3GB's


Maybe I just need to reinstall and update everything? It probably if freaking out that I switched half my computers hardware.

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