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HELP! I broke my OSX (10.5.4) - Kernel Panic


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I installed a new kernel today(StageXNU 9.4.0) to fix my shut down issue... Every thing was fine, but I figured I would try and fix my (front) USB ports while I was at it...

So I ran the usbfix1.3 tool, and then restarted.

That didnt work so I installed the 9.2 kernel from the USBfix1.3 installer, and the system.kext from the USB fix thread..


I went to restart and could no longer get into OSX..

This is the screen I get (attached pictures)




Now, I am not totally stupid. I did make kernel backups.. but they dont work either (same thing)


Please help me get OSX working again... I cant stand to be in windows any more :(



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