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res 1280x1024x32 works with XP but not with osX86 10.4.6


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i've installed a dual boot with XP pro and OSX86. the screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 x 32bits @75Hz (or 60Hz i've tried both) works fine on XP but the MONITOR don't accept it on osx86 (Jas 10.4.6) the monitor show only a "video mode not suported" advice. OSX seem to accept it and is still running (the HD is running after blink-tipping the login password)


Mobo : intel p5P800 SE with P4 SSE3 and 512Mb

Graphic card : ati 9250

Monitor : Hyundai B70A 17"


WTF ? 1280x1024 is not the same resolution under XP and OSX ????

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