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Firewire 400 Problem in Win XP


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Hi there,


I am a happy user of boot camp with Windows XP and have up til now not had any problems. I have two firewire devices, one hard drive, one audio interface. The hard drive has both firewire 400 and 800 connectivity and works perfectly using both. But I have just recently purchased a Mackie Onyx Satellite audio interface which must use firewire 400.


I follow the driver instructions and everything appears to install correctly. The device is found and shows in the device manager. But, the firewire indicator fails to light up on the device itself and I have not be able to get any audio through the device.


Please can someone help me! I am assuming it cant be the firewire connection itself because my hard drive works and the audio interface is at least found by windows.


I have got the newest driver version from Mackies website too. I have made sure I have the msot up to date version of boot camp also.


Any suggestions?


Thank you very much in advance


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