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Certified Apple hardware?


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I have been playing around with a friends mac in the last few weeks, which really peaked my interest in OS X. I Started playing with my own laptop and getting OS X to run on it. So far I am enjoying it. I think apple has a great handle on how to do user interfacing and I want to start programming for OS X and see where it gets me. So here's my dilemna:


Hackintosh is all good and well, and the information on how to hack OS X to work on a PC could be constructed towards a good compatibility reference. Much like the sticky on this forum. But I want to build a PC, and have it work with OS X from the get go, no problems or weird driver installs. Is there some sort of apple certified hardware list? Hardware that apple themselves say that OS X will work perfectly with out of the box? Or do we just have to rely on the research we do independently being the best source of information? Do they plan on giving us such a list?


I am not looking to get flamed, I have searched google, apple, and these forums. But I haven't found anything that specifically said apple certified or something to that effect. And that's what I am looking for.

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