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OSX86 messing up video in Vista

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okay here is my predicament....


I am attempting to install kalyway 10.5.1 on a 200gb SATA drive.


I had it installed, but I needed to go back to my vista (on a seperate 500gb SATA drive, that was not hooked up during the OSX installation) to put the updates for kalyway on my flash drive.


when I booted back into my vista, my video was 640x480, and I was stuck in 4-bit color. The error it got was a code 12 (not enough resources for the device to start?)


this seems to happen every time I swap the harddrives. again they are totally seperate harddrives that are never hooked up at the same time (I only have one free SATA power cable and one free SATA data cable)


I actually though my videocard was dead, because I had no idea the osx could be affecting the vista on a totally different drive. I took out my radeon hd4850 and put in my radeon x1650 and my vista worked fine. then I went back into osx to do the updates, and upon coming back to the vista drive I get the same problem. I took the x1650 out and put the hd4850 back in and the problem was corrected. I don't mind switching harddrives to switch OSes, but taking out the videocard and putting it back in is a bit of a hassle. (also after the kalyway 10.5.3 update, osx will not boot, I just get the little cross out thing over the apple logo)


am I missing something?






Intel Q6600


Gigabyte DS3L (attempting to install kalyway according to the guide with the gigabyte control center for OSX86)


4x 1gb DDR2 PC6200


200gb Seagate SATA(OSX)


500gb WD SATA(Vista)


500gb WD IDE(storage)


(the IDE is always hooked up, the 2 SATA drives are used interchangably as I only have 2 SATA power cables and 2 SATA data cables, and one of each is being used on my DVD drive.)

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