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stress test gives problms...


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Hi ppl today ive experienced an odd problm...well i o.c my pc and tryed to boot and stress test on my arch box...the system seemed pretty stable no erros no nothing.

After booting to mac ive figured out...why not try....well ive tested a lot and all the times is the same: after stressing out the cpu it spits an hard reboot...should he be able to manage the processed data?

why the hell does every time i load hard the cpu on mac it stucks with a hard reboot screen?

Ive tryed even without O.C and still the same resolts....is it because mac only gets more stable than this on a real mac...or is this normal?

I liked to ear ur opinions on this...



ps: tryed the cputest for mac and im using vanilla kernel jas 10.5.4 version

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