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XP + 10.5.1 kalaway


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Hi there.I installed kalaway 10.5.1 on my second partiition of the hard drive.At the first partition i have windows xp sp3.

After the installation the computer restarted kai i got a "no operation system found".

Is there something I can do to fix that other than formating the drive?

Ps:I should say that if I boot the pc with the kalaway dvd in the drive kai press F8 many many times (;)) just before the "No operating system found" message the computer boots in MacOsx.

thank you :(



edit:ok problem solved.I used a linux live cd to make the pc boot from the first partition.So i Booted in Xp and used the chain0 file solution.Now i have a dual boot option when i turn on the pc.Only that after I choose to boot in macosx i get a second dual boot menu where i have to choose again the macosx.but you cannt have everything...right? :P

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