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OSX installation slowed my BIOS

Adnan Khan

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I know it may sound extremely silly but I want to know if anyone else felt the same. My sony vaio laptop was booting so quickly every time i restarted or turned on. After installing MAC OSX 10.5.1 Kalyway, it takes ages when i start my laptop. I tried updating BIOS from sony vaio site, but it says "WBFLASH cannot read system information". At first i thought it was just my laptop getting old :( but recently I tried installing on my desktop, the installation was unsuccessful so i continued using vista, but now my desktop takes about 1 minute to start everytime i restart or turn it on.


I don't understand what the hell is going on here, it is frustrating as I just bought brand new desktop (2 weeks old) and it was working fine untill i tried installing mac osx on it. Anyway I tried updating it's BIOS and it was successfully done, then it asked me restart my system. When I restarted my system an error came CMOS checksum error,

Press F2 to enter setup

Press F1 to load system default settings


But after doing some settings or loading default settings don't do any good for me, the desktop takes 1 minute before it goes to boot any operating system.


Please can anyone help me with it???

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