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Very big problem after Apple Update 10.5.4


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Hello. Sorry, but my english is very bad((

I am install kalyway 10.5.2 to my girlfriend 2 month ago.

Yesterdey she install official apple update 10.5.4 ( a say to her that crash her system, but girl...computer+girl=crash!)

Now I have WinXP and Mac OS with Kernel Panic.

First my way is install new system and install kexts, and etc. :thumbsup_anim:(

But, the second way - may be restore or repair after update system?

How to restore?


Thank for answers.

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Don't even try it, even if its possible it would not be worth the effort.

It will be way easier and faster to just reinstall.


If you need something that's on the drive, you can access it from XP with a program called 'MacDrive' (google it).


Next time just make a separate user account for her, or don't give her the administrator password.

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I updated a few times similar to this and got the same problem. This is how i fixed it.


1. Use Acronis Disk Director or Gparted (freeware) to copy your Mac partition to an external hard drive.

2. Reinstall Mac Leopard

3. When prompted you should transfer information from another Mac

4. Select transfer from another disk and select your external drive

5. Go get a cup of tea while the installer then copies all your settings, user files and even apps!

6. Rejoice as you can now use your system where you left off.


Note: Apart from updates + modifications like sound drivers or power management hacks you system will be just as you left it just reinstall these and all should be the same


This for me is the far easiest way to recover from such an incident and trust me iv used this a lot.

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