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HOWTO: Retail installation from USB HDD


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Just figured out it's possible to install Mac OS X Retail from a connected USB HDD.


First, using Disk Utility, clone the OSX installation DVD to a partitition on the external HD. Mine is formatted with GUID GPT, I don't know if this is necessary. Name the partition "Mac OS X Install DVD".


Then, assuming your BIOS supports USB HDD boot, boot your computer using one of the vanilla install methods. I used a USB stick. (Don't know if cd-boot will work)


When it asks for boot device, enter the hex code for the USB HD, usually 81 or 82, depending on the number of drives in your computer. Then choose the partition containing the cloned installation DVD, and install.


If you need to install to an MBR disk, modify OSInstall.mpkg accordingly.


Using this method, install time is drastically reduced. I did a full installation in less than 15 minutes.


(BTW, this method works with genuine Macs as well, which is why I had the DVD cloned in the first place.)

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