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MBR Vista/Leo Dual Boot: Darwin won't boot OS X.

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Problem Detail:

  • Power on PC
  • Boots and loads the Vista loader.
  • Vista Loader presents two choices:
    • "Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit"
    • "Mac OS X Leopard"

    [*]Selecting Vista works fine and we're off in Vista-land.

    [*]Selecting Leopard loads the Darwin boot loader and presents me with:

    • "OS & Programs (hd0,1)" (Vista)
    • "OS X Leopard" (hd0,2)"

Now, the first choice, as expected takes me back to the Vista boot loader. The second choice (I can't quite recall the precise specifics, I'm at work currently) just loads the vista loader again (I think).

EDIT: parameters do not work at this point, everything just reloads the vista loader.


My install process:

  • First I installed Vista. Loaded Vista, made a second partition and left it raw.
  • Installed OS X (iAtkos v4i 10.5.4) on the new partition.
  • Rebooted from the OS X DVD and at the prompt typed:
    • -s
    • darwin (discovered at this point my main drive was disk2(?) and installed the darwin boot loader in EFI emulation mode to disk2, second partition)
    • fdisk (reflagged my drive to boot from partition 1, Vista)

    [*]Rebooted from my Vista install disc to repair my bootloader.

    [*]Booted Vista, copied chain0 to my vista partition, and added the entry with bcdedit.exe (though it's claiming the work directory is still \Windows)

    [*]... and here we are.

This method was a little more manual than I'm used to. Normally, using Kaly for example, after the install I just have to repair my Vista boot and add OS X with EasyBCD or something similar. So I'm sure I've made some critical error in there somewhere. OMGPLZHALP. I just want an OS X install that won't give me the "You need to restart your Mac" lockdown when I wanna do a software update :b


Thanks. :)

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