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Assigning an internet connection to an Application


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So I have two internet connections; One through my Airport, and one through my mobile phone, which is amazingly fast (it's capped at 41KB, yes that's a capital 'B'.


The thing is, the main connection is VERY flaky. Every 2-3 minutes or so, the connection drops to 0Kb. It doesn't disconnect, no DHCP errors, nothing. It just goes to zero, the rapidly climbs again. This is especially annoying in World of Warcraft.


This connection, I want to use for Bittorrent downloads and Adium (which only uses MSN). Bittorrent takes up too much bandwidth for my mobile connection, and Adium keeps giving me this error (end of stream).


What I want to do is assign my mobile connection to certain apps (World of Warcraft in this case), so they don't lagg out every few minutes. But still use my main (Airport) for bittorrent.



Is there any way I can configure this?

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