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Please comment on this motherboard

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Hi guys! I'm putting together a pro clone over the next few months, and right now I'm working on my purchase lists. This machine will ultimately configured to be a dual boot ubuntu / osx86 leopard machine for me to work on. Notably, I use Adobe CS3 applications on a daily basis.


I've settled on an Intel quad core Q6600 CPU (and, once I've got my setup running to my satistaction, a water cooling system and some serious overclocking), and I'm intending to run my system with 4 delicious 2GB sticks of RAM.


Motherboards, though, are providing me with confusion. I like the look of a Gigabyte GA-EG43M-S2H, which uses the Intel G43 and ICH10 chipsets. but I'm feeling a little out of my depth. Could those of you who've been down the osx86 road tell me if this is a terrible, terrible idea?


I like this board because it look like it'll meet my needs, but if I'm not going to be able to make any of the built in business go I shall have a problem: there are only three pci slots.

  • I'll be plugging in a dual DVI graphics card [i'm undecided, but likely some variant of NVIDIA 8800GT] with a hefty piece of grunt as I like a dual/triple monitor set up. I know it'll take some tweaking, but I really like that this board has a built in DVI out. Should I abandon all hope of ever getting that working, and just go for the video card, or is there some posibility of having all three ports working at once?
  • I'm fond of firewire, I have lots of firewire stuff, and this has firewire hapilly on the motherboard. It also has eSATA, although I've no idea if that ever works under OSX, let alone OSX86.
  • It's got REALTEK 8111C gigabit ethernet built in.
  • It's got quite a lovely built in sound system (although I don't know it it'll all work. It's realtek again - ALC888 codec; that's good for hackintosh, right?)

I'd like anyone who has something to say about this motherboard to say it! Any opinions on the matter would make me feel a whole lot more secure about what I'm doing, one person who tells me now "You'll never get that working" saves me hours and hours and numerous dollars.


Cheers in advance! Help the new girl, so as she can return the favour!


Post scriptum: Dear whichever moderator had to move my topic on account of I am apparently incapable of reading simple instructions: Sorry. I cringe.

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