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Kalway viability query


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Guys I need some help..... background - my wife fancies buying a Macbook around Christmas but as we've been Windows users in the past we're looking to see the viability of her moving on to a Mac.


To test out the waters my old P4 system has been wiped and Kalway used to install leopard 10.5. The spec of the machine is as per:


3.2Ghz Prescott, ABIT IC7Max3 mobo, 2Gb DDR 5300 Corsair RAM, 160 SATA drive, 2 x IDE drives, ATI X800XT graphics card, SB Live! audio card, 22" HP2335 TFT monitor, LG DVD writer, BlackGoldTV DVB-T card Lian-Li V2000 ventilated case. Creative 5.1 speaker kit.


With this system I can get the machine to boot into OSX but there is no networking (motherboard), and graphics are limited to 1024 x 768.


Is there any (easy) way to get networking operational and loading a viable graphic card driver?


Option 2 would be to dual boot OSX onto my main machine (currently with GRUB loading Vista Premium and Ubuntu 8.4). The spec of this machine is:


ASUS P5K3 motherboard

Q9450 processor (12MB L2 4x2.66GHz 1333 MHz FSB)

150Gb 10000RPM raptor HD

1 x NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS PCIe graphics card

2 x OCZ 2GB DDR3 PC3-10666C7 1333MHz Platinum (2x1GB) Dual Channel DDR3

2 x 160 SATA drives


The concerns here are:


- Whether that would be more compatible with either wired or WiFi networking?

- Are graphic drivers available?

- Can dual booting can be achieved without affecting the current OS's (had problems with the P4 and ended up formatting all drives)


Any thoughts and advise very much appreciated.

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