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Video Issues During OSX 10.5.2 Setup


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Hey guys,


This is a second machine that I am trying to load up. I've been trying to find a way to fix it but I'm not sure what the issue is.



I hsave the Sony Vaio VGN C140G


Video: Intel GMA950


I'm using the Kalyway DVD which had a driver for the gma 950. I went through the installation with out an issue. After installing OSX, and rebooting, I get the grey screen with the apple. I then hear the music to the setup screen (the screen with the stars and the purple X) it's pretty much the introduction screen. Sound is working and everything, but when that introduction screen is running, I don't see anything except the video going from a plane grey to a smokey grey.


I hear the guy talk about the installation and all that, BUT i can't see anything on the screen.... only a grey screen and installation music in the background... any ideas????

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