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Sigmatel 9227 - Taruga's Tiger kexts?


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Hi everyone,


I'm running kalyway on an e520, and everything works except for network and sound.


Network's covered, i'm ordering a Netgear GA311.


With the sound issue, I've seen that some people with the same computer have gotten onboard sound working. After some research, i found a hardware compatibility list on the osx86 project site:




that's the specific link.


It says that the onboard audio is sigmatel 9227, which I have on my e520 as well, and it says sound will work by installing taruga's tiger kexts. It then gives a link to a topic on insanelymac, but when i click on it, i get an error saying the topic has been moved or deleted.




that was the link that didn't work.


back to the point, can somebody please link me to Taruga's Tiger kexts, whether it be a forum topic or an upload to mediafire or something? I did try searching the forum, but I didn't get any direct matches. ;)


Thanks a lot for your time,


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