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restart order


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hi i am new to this forum.. sory if i post somthing thats already have been posted.. bu i have serched and can noy find answers...


i have a intel dual core 2 proseccer with a asus motherbord with geforce 8800 gts...




i am trying to follow this guide.. but when i try to boot fro cd.. it just loads forever in the aple boot screen... and somtimes a mesege come up... where it ask med to reboot by hold the botten for several seaconds... please help.. if your now some answars...


and thank you

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ok.. i tried.. yeah a new black screen with the intallation informations apear.. but it stops

and the last line is


kernel version

darwin kernal version 9.1.0 sat nov 17 and so on.. should i press any boyyon now?.. or just wait for a long time or restart?


thanks for your time to help me

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ok i tryed to install the lakyway.. version.. but.. awrytinh works ok until the installation where it says

the installer could not create the folder "/volumes/untitled/basesysteme.pkg.154kcdv0t


and the secend time i tried to format the dirve as the other one.. you now i had to optitions..

and this time it says the same just basesystem.pkg.149bkv0wv.




sory i mean kalyway


about my hardware i have a asus p5nsli and the processer is intel dual core 2

with a geforce 8800gts.. i dont now so much in the details... but i hope you can help

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