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OSX 10.5.4 install fine, but error after reboot


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I have the MacOSx86 10.5.4 DVD (iATKOS if I'm not mistaken) and tried on a spare 20gb hdd, but after restarting (after copy files blablabla), it just load a blank gray screen. When I start with -v option, there's a problem getting driver for the I/O system. Now I'm asking all those OSx86 pros out there which OSx86 installer that will work with my system:


DualCore Intel Xeon 3065, 2333 MHz
  Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L
  Kingston 2GB x 2
  ATi HD 3870 512mb
  Built-in Realtek sound & network


Please if anyone can help me out, thanks :star_smile:

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