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OS X installs ok, but does not boot after restart (iAtkos4i)


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I am using the iAtkos4i (OSX 10.5.4) release. The download went well, there are no errors in the CD. The installation instructions that come with the release are for a clean install of all operating systems. However, I cannot do that, since it is too much of a hassle.


I created a new partition and then booted from the iAtkos4i DVD. I used the disk utility to format the partition to HFS+. Default installation options were selected including darwin bootloader. The installation goes perfectly, but after it tells me to restart, I remove the DVD and reboot to complete the install, I get the message "Missing Operating System". What am I doing wrong? System specs are below.




HP Compaq 6720s (laptop)

Dual core 2.0 Ghz Intel CPU


160 GB HDD


Partition 1- 70GB

Primary, NTFS with Vista installed


Partition 2- 60GB

Primary, NTFS contains all my personal data


Partition 3- 20GB

HFS+ with OSX installed

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