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Acceptable Radeon 2600 as cheap graphics option?

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I noticed the Mac Pros start with Radeon 2600s and these can seem quite cheap online... I'm just wondering if these would work out of the box no problems...


http://www.ebuyer.com/product/144320/show_product_reviews -


PowerColor HD 2600XT 256MB DDR4 Dual DVI TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card - 42.95 pounds




http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?NOV-HD26 -

<h1 class="t14b"> Novatech HD 2600 PRO 256MB/512MB Hypermemory PCI-E DVI & TV Out - 23.44 pounds</h1>

Obviously the cards are specced a little differently... but will they both work with full QE/CI ?

Alternativly is there a card in the UK which is better than my current Geforce 6800 which will work nicely and is about the same price?

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Thanks for the reply, will that cheapy Novatech 2600 pro one for 23.44 work out of the box?


I don't play many games so I don't really mind... Will it simply be a matter of taking the geforce out and putting the radeon in or will I have to mess around with some ktexts?


Ok, just read some more posts, looks like the cheap 2600 Pro will work with some ktexts... Will I have to remove the Nvidia ones though?

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I was going to avoid the 512 as I thought it might not work... so I can use that, the standard install instructions for the 2600 listed in the graphics forum and get some QE/CI... sounds good.


Now I have to figure out how I can recover from a black screen after messing up some NVCAP settings or something...

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