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So I wanna build a hackintosh...

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Sorry but noobie in need of some assistance.


I'm going to build a friend a hackintosh as she finally realized that Macs do indeed cost a fortune. She knows she can get a used one for about 500 dollars (not sure what it is) but I told her I could do better by building her one for under that, so needless to say, this is a budget build. This is mostly gonna be used for the Adobe CS3 suite, more so InDesign and Photoshop then Premiere.


Being an AMD man, I would prefer for an AMD Athlon X2 as it is both a cheaper dual core than intels (besides celerons), but it seems AMD require more time and care to install OSx86?


The intel board I've been looking in particular is the ASUS P5K SE EPU. Its cheap and its got a high FSB and memory speed. Anyone with experience on this board?



Oh, and a question off topic. Do any of the programs in the Adobe Suite cs3 require a graphics card? And if they do, how good of a card?

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