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Gaming Hackintosh Laptop?

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I am looking for an alternative 15 inch or 17inch laptop that will run osx out of the box. I would like as close to 100% working as possible, it would need a built in camera. I could do the patches for wireless internet and Ethernet. I was wondering how well this would work:


dell m1530

Full Hi Definition, glossy widescreen 15.4 inch LCD (1920x1200) & 2.0 M camera

4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz (2 Dimms)

320GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive

Slot Load DVD+/-RW (DVD/CD read/write)

256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT

Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N Mini-card

56 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

Finger Print Reader XPS M1530


My questions would be would the camera work out of the box, and how would i get surround sound on my logitech z5500 in both windows and os x? There is the option of upgrading the sound to a IntegratedSound Blaster Audigy HD Software Edition. Or is there a similar laptop that would run leopard better out of the box, i may get a mbp but i need a laptop right now and i am tired of waiting for the next gen of the mbp's. And i would be playing games like call of duty 4.

I have also been looking at this:

Gateway - Laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology - P-7811FX

I know its not c2d but i heard that you can get the centrino 2 running with leopard. And i would get an external camera for the gateway because it is such a good price.

How easily could i get leopard to work almost 100% on the gateway?

I have run iatkos before, but it was too mooded from the original version of tiger that i did not like it, so I am trying to get something that will run the actual os as closely as possible with some minor tweaks to get sound and internet working and other minor things. Right now i am leaning towards the gateway because of its specs, but i am hesitant since i do not know how easily i could get an almost 100% legit instal of leopard working without using a moded version.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for all the help in advanced.




P.S. I do have a unhacked-retail version of leopard.

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Dell XPS M1530 works well. Be sure to check out Macgirl's thread on Dell laptops in the Tutorials Bar


By the way, the best method in my opinion is:

1. Install iAtkos v4i - Full Vanilla whatever

2. Install everything that's missing with Pacifist! - This includes the default background, Alex Speech voice, Chess and Dictionary. Am I missing anything?


Then you have an install that's basically the same as retail!

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i would like to have a 17inch laptop, so is the gateway a good alternative (except minus the camera)? I have been searching on google and here for a long time and havent really found much on laptops. I would like to get the gateway, just want to know how easily i could get leopard working and how similar it would be to a legit install?

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