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compaq presario f755la sempron amd 3600+

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i have a laptop f755la compaq presario and i try to install 2 distros of osx86 kalyway and zephiroth 10.5.2 but can´t find the hard disk, what can i do about it? what distro or version all of you recommend to me? somebody get work that machine?




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hello first sorry for my english, well i installed leo4allv3 in my f755la, over vmware and i got some issues like no boot and my solutions were colected from many posts and making my tests.


i hope this help you, here are my steps.


-vmware 7.0.0 build-203739.


-boot with cd real dvd, not mounted .iso, to accelerate the instalation (it taked me 6 hours with 1gb of ram).


-after installation you will try to run without exit, because you'll got "still waiting for root"


-the solutions is press f8, in the boot menu then type rd=disk0s2 -v


-whoala it will work¡¡¡¡¡, but now you got some new issue, it will appear the registration dialogue of your mac and the importation menu, if you try not to import nothing you will stacked in the message "do you already own a mac", the solution is reboot your mac, enter in the bios settings and enable all your serial ports and ethernet ports, then boot the mac and you can pass the message.


Now my issues is trying to getting work the ethernet, wifi and sound i think that spending another 40 hours i will get it, so my advice for you is read,read,read.


thanks for all that post that helped me, this is my little contribution, for saving you the 40 hours that i spend.


with kind regards from "la tierra del cabrito"


Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico.

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