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Issues under bootcamp.


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I've been experiencing this since the first time I installed bootcamp and rolled it up to 2.1

I use nvidia drives found at http://makel.org/articles/updated_macbook_...600m_gt_driver/

I also use the latest version of input remapper.


I do not experience these issues under the bootcamp 2.0 installs.

Firstly, the screen will not dim, Whenever I adjust the settings either via input remapper or the mac keyboard dimmer (F1- F2) it readjusts in about 5-12 seconds back to full brightness.


Intermittently the system locks up, if it is playing sound the last bite will loop, this happens for a period of up to 1 minute and then the system will either blue screen, or resume, the latter being the most prevalent.


I've searched around extensively and have found no working answers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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