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Can I avoid a Partition "automount" on startup?

Qband it!

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Hello folks!

I have MacOS 10.4.8 upgraded to 10.4.9 (not the kernel) in a hard drive for it self. in an IDE drive


I have in a same physical hard drive 2 NTFS partitions (and 2 FAT32 for sharing with MacOS and the MacOS Instalation Backup). in a SATA drive


i'm happily dual booting with chain0 and XP boot.ini method.


The partition with my XP system files mounts read-only without any trouble, my second NTFS partition (actually 4th) is seen on disk utility, but I can't mount it. This partition has all my working files, so I want to access from Mac.


So trying to mount it, I install Paragon NTFS-Mac 6.5 and now both partitions mount...but with read/write support, now I'm afraid and I don't wanna miss my XP system (yet!) Everytime I access NTFS from Mac, when I wake up on Win XP the CHKDSK wants to check my NTFS partitions...


So... Is there any way to modify startup options in order to the WinXP partition doesn't automatically mount? Or just only read/write with NTFS-Mac the partitions I select?

Or any other suggestion?


One bug I can notice, after Paragon NTFS-Mac Installation the PC crashes when it comes back from Sleep mode, before, it had work fine!


I hope anyone coul'd help me with this.


thanks in advance, and excuse me for my english.

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