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Guide to almost perfect install of Kalyway 10.5.2 on Dell XPS 1530 Dualboot with Vista


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After what seemed like countless installs of Leopard on my laptop (like 9 or 12), I've finally got as close to perfect as I possibly could.


The only thing that remains is the shutdown/restart/sleep, while webcam may work for you if you didnt screw it up like I did.


Anyway unlike some other guides i've read, all you need is your kalyway 10.5.2 disc and vista installation disc.


Yep, nothing but those two discs, isnt that better than having to stock up on 5 different programs (or something)?



Okay let's get started, if you have a dell xps 1530 then your hardware will be able to install for sure. Other models, please check compatibility as I CANNOT assume responsiblity if you screw up... not that I will for xps 1530 either XD.



Assuming you have vista installed (if you don't then do it now), I'd recommend you make 3 partitions. 1 partition for vista, 1 for leopard, and 1 for your files. This way you can keep your files incase either Leopard or Vista screws up and you gotta reinstall - saved me countless hours of recovery.


If you're just installing vista right now (or going to soon), it's fairly simple. Once you get in the installation menu, choose "advanced", delete everything for a fresh start (recommended but you dont have to), and creat 3 new partitions.


*NOTE: If you create 3 partitions, it does not mean they'll be formated. To format them , click format. YOU MUST FORMAT THE PARTITION IN ORDER FOR IT TO SHOW UP IN LEOPARD INSTALL!!



If you're already have vista but doesnt know how to create more partitions, just click start menu, right click My Computer, and selete Manage. From there you can choose to shrink your current partition to create another one, or create one from unused volume. Whatever you do is up to you.


Once you got 3 partitions (or at least 2 minimum, where 1 is for vista and other for leopard), restart with kalway disc.






How do you restart with Kalyway disc? again assuming you have xps 1530, reboot with kalway already inside your drive, and press f12 repeatdly until you're taken to the boot menu. Choose to boot from cd/dvd.


Alright, after a short load, press f8 when prompted (or wait for like 8/10 seconds), and type "-v" (without quotes) and press enter. Alternatively you can just press enter to start, but everyone does the "-v" thing so why not.


If you cannot get through this part, do not ask me to help as I cannot not help you. I'm sure this forum have a lot of people who are more knowledgeable than me in the coding/troubleshooting part. but you should not have a problem if you have xps 1530 anyway.


So once you get in, choose whichever language you want, and wait for the top menu to appear. Once it does, click on Utilities, and choose Disk Utility.


*NOTE: After entering disk utility, take a look at the order your partition is in. Your vista partition should appear as disk0s3 or something. MAKE NOTE OF THE ORDER.



Now, click on the partition that you would like to install your leopard on, and make sure its the right drive!! I cannot stress enough that you MUST choose the right drive.


If you're asking, "why is my partition not showing up", then i'm guessing you did not FORMAT your partition. If this is your case, simply quit the installer, go back into windows, and format the partition.


Once you've chose your drive and made sure its the right one, choose the Erase tab on the right and select the option with "Extended Journaled" or w.e. in it, make up a nice name for your partition, and click erase.


*NOTE: If you cannot erase properly, it PROBABLY means you've screwed up on your previous attempt to install leopard, and you've messed up your hard drive. You can look for another way, but one way that i got it work is I deleted every single partition by using the vista installation disc, and created new ones. Again, you can look for another way to fix this problem if you have precious data and you're too lazy or can't back it up.


Now all you gotta do is quit disc utility, and "Continue" your installation process. accept the liability etc etc, and customize your install. All you really need is the graphics driver, and time machine fix if you wanna use time machine. I strongly recommend getting time machine fix. Other drivers you can do it once you've finished installing your leopard.


Anyway finish up and install.


You're done your first part, now the hard one begins XD.




PART II: Dualboot





Now a lot of people says you need another disc to boot into vista, but i say no.


Again boot into Kalway disc, BUT this time enter "-s" and press enter.


Once the loading is done, and you can actually type, enter the following:


   fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0


when prompted to make new MBR, type "y", followed by "exit".


if you really want to see leopard now (trust me, you do), type


   fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
  flag 2


again, flag 2 is under the assumption that your leopard is installed under partition number 2. if not, change it, it might be 3, or 1, or 31 for all i know (dont create too many partitions, it'll slow your computer down).


Now when you reboot, you should be able to boot into leopard perfectly. isn't that great?


If you don't want to see Mac right now and just want to get this over with as quickly as possible, type


   fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
  flag 1


again, 1 is assuming your VISTA is installed on 1. if not change the number so it suits u.


Once rebooted, press f12 you go to boot option. Now, take out your kalway disc, and put in your vista installation disc. Wait till your disc have spun (you hear the noise) for about 10 seconds, and choose boot from disc. DO NOT REINSTALL VISTA!!!! simply repair it. Vista is smart enough to know that your boot is screwed up, and offers to fix it and reboot. say YES!!!


after you do, take out your vista disc, and you should have boot Vista and Leopard to boot into.




PART III: Getting your hardware to work



Okay, if you chose the graphics driver at the start, then you'll be fine for graphics driver. If you have the dell 1390 wireless card, then it should work natively. Some says 1505 also works, some say it doesnt. Personally, i had an intel 4965agn which would NOT work. But thankfully we do have xps 1530, and it has TWO network card slots. I just bought a 1390 card off ebay for 13 dollars.


*NOTE: when i bought my 1390 card at first, it DID NOT WORK. the reason was that the revision on the card was A02. The seller was nice enough to have me go to his house and try all the 1390 cards he have, and the A03 revision worked perfectly. SO CHECK BEFORE BUYING!!!!


For sound, get AppleHDA Patcher 1.16 (ONLY 1.16 WILL WORK!!!), which you can get from



and also get the 9228 txt, available from here.


Once you got both, just drag the txt file to the patcher and your sound should work without a problem.




To fix the USB problem, since it probalby wont detect it when you plug it in, LioNEXT made a nice guide, check it out here</a>. Alternatively, you can just upgrade to kalyway 10.5.3 without any hassle.


*NOTE: When upgrading, follow the instructions. I'd recommened you to NOT CHOOSE any extra kernels, just install the kernel package without selecting anything. If you know what you're doing however, by all means choose the selection that's right for you.


Anyway sleep/shutdown/restart does not work. and although in my case, sleep acts like restart - do not use it often as it DOES NOT save your settings, its powering off your system as its working, which is unsafe, and could mess with some system files.




Anyway hope this guide will help you with your XPS m1530, feel free to ask questions or add suggestions.

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which things do you choose within the kalyway installation? with my installation, no usb port works, no sound, ...


What you choose within kalyway is really up to you. I mean all you really need to choose is your graphics driver, which im assuming is nvidia geforce 8400/8600m, and also time machine fix if you need it.


As for sound and usb drivers, they are covered in my guide, take your time to find it :(

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Since you're going to erase your MBR with

fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0

, i think it would be unnecessary to go and find boot0.gpt and type in all those commands into command prompt.


you can just skip those parts, BUT DO NOT BLAME ME IF IT DOES NOT WORK BECAUSE OF THAT!


I highly doubt it'll do any change as the mbr will be erased and restored for both mac and pc, but you'd never know.


just something for those of you who want to save some time and take the "adventurous" way.

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usb from my experience will not work with kalyway 10.5.2, but will work after u upgrade to 10.5.3.


on another note, there is no easy solution (if there are any at all for that matter) for the shut down problem after you install the nvidia driver. hopefully one will come soon, its a major problem.

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Okay, solved the webcam problem.


Turns out you can't delete the pictures u took on iPhoto; otherwise it crashes and u can't use your webcam for a while. So just take pictures as u usually would, and if u wanna delete them go to the actual folder and do it.


Also I've shortened the guide by about 5 steps, equivalent of maybe 45 minutes of booting up and rebooting. The whole process of installing Leopard (counting on you have Vista already installed) should take no more than 1 hour.


and the link to HDA patcher 1.16 has been relinked.

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