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Deciding on what to get?


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Hello my name Is J,


I own a few computers and I have leopard installed on my Laptop.


I am hoping I will be able to successfully apply the same to my new desktop.


Its an Hp-a6530f PC


Runs on an AMD (phenom) Triple core processor at 2.10 GHZ

640 gigs of HD

4 gigs of ram


runs vista home premium and is a 64bit machine.

What do you think of this machine?

My laptop had 1/3 of its specs so I am sure its eligible to leopard.


I am asking if someone could tell me witch leopard ISO I should install because with all of the options I am stumped. And if there is a simple dual boot Guide (new/compatible) please let me know.


Thank you for your time.

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Kalyway 10.5.2 intel-AMD is an easy going release to start.

Find it and download it, post your attempts to install.

(use Verbana Fonts to be easy to read)


I wish you luck.


ps: Better install on an external USB HD to see what and how.

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Thank you,

Now Might I ask -Is there any dual boot guides that work exactly with vista and kalyway? since its AMD I cant find any.....Only intel.


Thank you either way.


Also I really like to use photoshop, but whenever I download it and attempt to install it,


-It installs

-I restart

-go to input the key but wont let me passed the key nor will it let me use the free 30 day trial


This is what my problem is with my laptop..


Thank you to anyone who can help.

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