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GA-73PVM-S2H / c2d


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Hi all,

Need some help when it comes to my installing leopard onto my pc. basically i was using a abit mobo with the triple core phenom, however the install was painfully slow. Could take upto three hours to install and even then would never boot properly, so enough is enough so i went and got myself a core2duo cpu and gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H mobo however i still have the same problem!!!

I am using a 320 gig ide hdd and an ide dvd writer. i also have 3 gig of ddr2 OZ reaper ram.

Can anyone please tell me anything that could cause this, as when i used to install it on my old laptop it took less then 30 mins. and this thing takes ages lol


Any help would be gratefully recived.

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