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Help with OSx86 Tools - EFI Install


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So I am trying to create a bootable USB thumb drive. Using disk utility i restored kalyway iso to the TD then was going to use OSx86 Tools to install the EFI (chameleon) to it so I could boot off of it and install (issues with dvdrom). The problem I'm having is that when I run the "Installed EFI/Run FDisk" option it installs source files and prompts for admin password (as expected) then launches terminal and again prompts for root pw, which I do and then the script just stops, when its supposed to prompt me for options....


AM I doing something wrong?


This is the tutorial I followed


"3. If you don't have an external DVD drive, you can restore iATKOS_4i.iso to a blank partition on an external USB drive with an MBR partition scheme. You can use Disk Utility to do this (provided you already own a Mac or an OSX86 system):

3a. Launch Disk Utility, then drag and drop iATKOS_4i.iso to the list on the left and double-click it to mount it.

3b. Select the drive you want to install to in the list, click on the "Partition" tab, choose "1 partition" from the drop-down menu, type the name you want to give it in the "Name" field, choose "Mac OS Extended (journaled)" in the "Format" drop-down list, click on "Options..." at the bottom, select the MBR partition scheme, click "OK" and finally click "Apply" on the main window.

3c. After Disk Utility has created your partition, select it (NOT the disk itself) in the list on the left and click on the "Restore" tab. Drag and drop the iATKOS installer volume from the list to the "Source" field. Drag and drop the partition you've just created to the "Target" field. Click on "Restore". Disk Utility will now take a few minutes to restore the iATKOS installer to your partition.

3d. Next you need to run OSX86Tools (Google for it) to make your new partition bootable. Run OSX86Tools.app and click on "Install EFI/Run FDISK". Click "OK" when it asks if you want to install the installation source files, type in your administrator password and click on "Run Script". A Terminal window will open. Type in your administrator password once more and choose option 4 (Chameleon EFI). Follow the instructions to choose your drive and partition to install EFI."

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