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System is showing up as noname in my network


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I've noticed that my OSX86 is showing up as "noname" in my network and the terminal window. The noname part is also shown when I enable File-Sharing (see screenshot)

A first try to fix it by setting a HostName with scutil (scutil -set HostName mac2) only "fixed" the name shown in the terminal window but I think this is a dead end.


To further investigate the problem I did a little comparison between my iMac and my OSX86 system.


scutil --get ComputerName --> gives out the computer name shown under Sharing on both Computers

scutil --get LocalHostName --> gives out the .local name that can be set under sharing which is also used as "network name" (afp://my-imac/ for example) on my iMac. My iMac shows the LocalHostName in the terminal window while my OSX86 installation shows noname in terminal and the sharing tab

scutil --get HostName --> gives out "not set" on iMac and OSX86. Only affects the terminal noname issue on my OSX86 install. (I reverted it back to "not set" after trying it out)





greetings :(

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