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Need Advanced Sound Diver Tutorial


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OK, so I'm looking for an advanced sound driver tutorial. I have Used the installers, the taruga patcher, and installers on the distros. My problem is complicated and I am trying to figure out a solution for many people's problems. I think if i could make some headway on this everyone could benifit.


here is what I am dealing with:

1. I have a OHCI compliant PCI AV capture card from Canopus. The Audio only shows up as DV audio and wont let me capture audio from firewire.


2. Taruga patcher is almost complete, but front panel audio in doesnt work.


I am willing to do the work here and really dig into a more advanced way to get the devices to work. to seperate the devies as they are needed I believe requires adding the devices to the devices tree, but I cant find anywhere that talks about it. What exactly does taruga's patcher do?

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