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Installation 98.975% working


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hi everyone


thankfully i was one of the lucky ones that didnt have tooooo much drama with the installation and things i would say went relatively smoothe straight off the bat.


i do have a few issues though, some minor, 1 crucial.


ill get the small things out of the way first,


1. my Pioneer DVD-R drive isnt detected within OSX, its an IDE drive, i got a patch for it this morning but didnt get the time to check it out before work, so ill give that a go today. i think it was called jmicron.. (i read that jmicron has issues with computers of 4gigs of ram or more, can anyone confirm or deny) ?


2. my mouse is acting strange, when i click the left "back" button, it goes to scroll, doesnt bother me too much right now though, ill check it out later.


3. this one is odd - when i reboot, my keyboard starts off A-ok, till i jump into the OSX environment, then it loses power, i have to physically disconnect it from the USB port and reconnect it, then its fine.


4. the sleep issue, i disabled sleep for the time being.



finally and this is the most crucial


i have dual display, both are working, they are BenQ FP202w's - native resolution of 1680 x 1050...

one is connected via VGA and the other via DVI


the one connected via DVI is showing the native resolution fine, however the other connected through VGA isnt - it is displaying in 1600 x 1020 and i dont have the option of displaying the native resolution in the selection menu of the displays. this is causing the text to be very distorted, almost unreadable..


this is running on an Nvdia GeForce 8500. i tried jumping on mIRC last night, and i got shown 2 threads to follow, followed both and edited the plists of the injector files - but didnt seem to work.


i got recommended NVinstaller, should i uninstall the older injector kexts first?



more background about my system:


Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard running a Quad Core Q6600 processor with ICH8 chipset and 4gigs of ram - i was told to check my system info for the graphics diplay, something about a quartz or crystel (from memory) im at work now - and that was not on... i got told it needs to be on for correct display


this guy here seems to have the same problem




on a normal mac, and i should mention, i had the same problem on Vista as well, till i got the correct drivers for my monitor and installed them.. not sure how to do the same on OSX





im not so technical, and fairly noobish to the mac scene, so please take it easy on me with the technical stuff, a lot of the stuff you maybe referring to wont make much sense to me, but im a fast learner ;)




any help into any of the above would be greatly appreciated :)

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