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Stuck at Apple boot scren


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Every time I install Leopard (in the form of iATKOS v4i) on my HP dv6654us Laptop, I eventually get a huge showstopper. I'm not sure when it occurs or why, but the OS gets stuck at the Apple boot screen.


Upon rebooting with -v, I find that kextd crashes after starting the DNS daemon. It then loops forever, going "Resetting IOCatalogue" and then having kextd crash. Again and again. It's storing crash reports somewhere, but they're not very helpful. The crash report essentially says that kextd crashed.


I am able to return to my system by booting with -x, but it takes all the fun out (and by fun I mean battery and display). I can never get it to boot normally again, even after repairing permissions of extensions and stuff within Safe Boot.


A reinstall fixes the problem, but only temporarily :rolleyes: . I'm not sure what the root is. The issue occurs with mutiple SMBIOS combinations and Display driver combos. I have always used all vanilla.


Anybody heard of this before? Please check my sig for specs.

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